Monday, June 3, 2013

In The News

62% Want Senate To Drop Gun Control
DOJ - Posting Derogatory Comments About Islam May Be Illegal
Lerner's Long History Of Targetting Conservatives
Lawyer: Zimmerman Prosecuter Withheld Evidence
P90 Style Stock For 10/22
Marine Discharged For Criticizing Obama On Facebook
Oregon Woman Raped After 911 Fails To Send Police
Marines Losing Hot Meals
Obamacare Already Running Out Of Openings For Coverage
Health Insurance Premiums Increasing 64-146% Due To Obamacare
Background Checks To Buy Ammo In CA
8 Gun Control Bills & Ammo Registry In CA
DOJ, No Right To Trash Muslims Online
Conservatives Framed For Threatening Rape
Clerk Sued For Defending His Life With A Gun (And Killing The Bad Guy)
For Bloomberg, Gun Control Debate Now Heads To State Capitals
1911 Reliability, What Does It Really Mean?
If We Changed The Smoking Culture, We Can Change The Gun Culture
Soros Spends Neary 7 Million To Push Gun Control
A 2nd Amendment Fairytale
A Felon Explains Why You Shouldn't Own A Gun
The NRA Is Wrong, The Myth Of Illegal Guns
86% Want To Repeal UK Handgun Ban
The Convict George Zimmerman Show
Almost 90 IRS Employees Under Investigation
Eric Holder's Long History Of Lying To Congress
Ventura's Lawsuit Continues Against Deceased Hero Seal Team Sniper
Europe's Meltdown: A Cautionary Tale
Muslim Man Sucker Punches Female Protester
Poll Worker Convicted Of Voter Fraud
Doctor Responsible For USA Getting Osama Rots In Prison
Seal Sniper School
20 Reasons To Dislike Obama
Why Do So Many People Think That Gun Violence Is Getting Worse?
FL Voter Fraud Investigated
US Buys Afghans Russian Helicopters
I Guess That Biden Was Wrong About Warning Shots
IRS Comissioner Visits White House More Than Cabinet Members- 157 Times
Surge In Gun Violence In NYC
"Whites Need Not Apply" At DC's Labor Board
The Voting Dead In New Hampshire
Operation Vigilant Eagle And Veterans

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