Monday, September 24, 2012

Returning Gun Rights To Felons?

My first thought is, "Hell no!"
After reading the article I'm not so sure anymore.  The article posted below is weak but I recently read an opinion piece about the topic. The column's author made a good point about how easy it is to be charged with a felony. It really opened my eyes.
I'm not speaking of violent crimes, reckless endangerment or stealing. These all have a negative effect on individuals and society. There are victims.
I'm talking about silliness such as draining a boggy backyard and having it turn out to be a wetland. I am writing about the person that inadvertently steps onto school property while carrying concealed. The list can go on and on.
We recently saw cases involving servicemen getting caught with firearms while passing through DC.
Emily Miller wrote an excellent article (Washington Times) detailing the crime of merely having ammo in your vehicle if you aren't licensed to own a gun in that caliber in the District Of Columbia.
I recently saw a video in which a lawyer was speaking on the subject. He said that we have so many laws at the Federal, State and Local level that the average American commits three felonies per day. That might be a gross exaggeration (Or not) but I can easily see one a week. I doubt that I'll find the link but I'll edit it in if I run across it.
I'm rethinking my views on the restoration of these rights for some non violent felons.

Felons And Gun Rights

Found a link to the article:
3 Felonies Per Day

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