Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Cult Of Barry Is Growing

Ok, I get it. He's a good speaker, kind of charasmatic and tells you that he'll give you everything you want and someone else will pay for it.
He's like Santa.

But seriously, it's time to put away the cult like devotion and blind loyalty.
He's a man.
Turn down the dial on the crazieness just a little.

Obama Is Like God
Nuremberg Trials For Conservatives?
A Short Visual History Of The Creepy Obama Cult
Philly Students Romney T-Shirt Likened To KKK Sheet
Bus Driver Tells 12yr Old He Should Have Been Aborted
Calls For A Benevolent Obama Dictatorship
Threats To Assasinate Mitt Romney
Ima Start A Riot!!!
Even Comics Act Like He's A Diety

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