Thursday, October 16, 2014

In The News

FBI Decides On 9mm
Awesome Folding AR15 Adaptor
The Kimber Warrior
Battle Rifle Company AR15 Torture Test
The Truth About Stopping Power
Open Carry Fail
Rifles, Shotguns, Walls, And Penetration
Simple Method To Turn A Single Point Sling To A Two Point
Accuracy Of The Milspec AR15 Barrel
Student Shot By Taurus Judge
Navy Doctors Use Chicago For Trauma Training
Higher Murder Rates Associated With Gun Bans
IRS Leaked Conservative Documents To Lefties, $50,000 Settlement
Missing Global Warming Heat Isn't Hiding In The Deep Ocean After All
Antarctic Sea Ice Reaches New Record
HIV Pandemic Traced Back To Kinshasa In 1920's
Crime Rates In Baltimore - Someone's Cooking The Books?
Mike Brown Shooting Witness Interview
11 Million Americans Have CCW Permits
Irish: The Forgotten White Slaves
What Will The M4 Do At 1000 Yards
Glock Family Goes Down, Guns Blazing
Islam: The Awful Truth
Higher Murder Rates Where There's AWB And CCW Bans
Top 3 Myths About The Second Amendment
US School Violence Fast Facts
What Your Bug Out Bag Needs

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