Thursday, July 25, 2013

In The News

Sarcasm On The Zimmerman Tip Line
Rise Of The Warrior Cop
8 Popular Glock Mods
The Care & Feeding Of Magazines
Separate Combat Training For Men And Women
Army Fields New Shotgun
Hold Your Guns Silent
How To Use A Magnesium Fire Starter
Lancer AR Mags
The Myth Of St. Martin
Destroyed Evidence In The Zimmerman Case
FBI Crime Stats
More FBI Crime Data
GM Still In The Hole And Taxpayers Are Losing Money
Sharpton Stiffs The FEC
The Best Budget 9mm
Man Cites Bidens Self Defense Advice In Shooting Charge
After Repeated Controversies, Sharpton Is Still Smokin'
Ten Post Zimmerman Lessons
Slavery In America, Saudi-Style
White People Rioting
IRS Stiffs Conservative Donor List
Who Improperly Accessed IRS Records
IRS Scandal: Harassment vs Routine Scrutiny
A Zimmerman Case Without The Race Pimps
18% Increase In Violent Attacks On Whites
Westlake Shooting
Everything That You Need To Know About "Stand Your Ground" Laws
40 Minutes In Benghazi
Gun Bill Sponsor Knew Nothing About Guns
$340 Gun Permits
Negligent Discharges At The IRS
Self Defense Use Is Common Says Gun Report Ordered By Obama
More Gun Taxes
Outrageous Rulings From The Zimmerman Judge
IQ Defenders Feel Vindicated By Supreme Court
Obama's Lie
Race Based Standards In Public Schools
A Jobless Recovery Is A Phony Recovery
Illegal Voter Gets 5 Year Prison Term
Pervs In Great Britian

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