Friday, July 5, 2013

No One Wants To Ban Your Guns


  I had a long rambling essay prepared for this post, and simply decided to delete it. It isn't needed, and I only have a few points to make. The video largely speaks for itself.
1) This man would be considered by most of us to be a flake, but guess what? He showed up for that protest. That's dedication. How many gun owners are too lazy to even write their Congressmen, or join the NRA? You can bet that this gentleman votes, donates, and contacts his politicians. There's a lot of people out there just like him. I suspect that he even seems rational compared to a lot of his peers in the anti gun community.
2) He wants everything remotely dangerous to be banned. I see someone that believes in big government. I don't even think that Mayor Bloomberg advocates banning nails and kitchen utensils. How bad is it when someone makes the Mayor of NYC look like a moderate?
3) Most of those in favor of banning so many objects obviously believe in collective punishment for the crimes of a few. That's what gun bans are... collective punishment for law abiding citizens. It's irrational, doesn't work, and leads to more crime (which in turn leads to more bans, and larger government).
4) As I listen to this gentleman speak, I have to wonder how he would feel about informing on neighbors, coworkers, or family members. This video makes me question his opinion on house to house searches for firearms. Would he support Martial Law? All of those measures would be needed in order to ban firearms in America.
5) He's a believer in his cause. This older gent knows what he knows, and will not let facts get in the way. You won't change his mind. There's others out there just like him, and they're not going away. We need to show the same dedication, or just resign ourselves to idea of becoming like (formerly Great) Britain.
  Perhaps I'm reading too much into this video, and the anti gunner being interviewed. Maybe this gentleman is entirely different than I imagine, and I'm a horrible judge of character. It's possible.
  I doubt it though.
  Remember this video when the Magazine Bans, Assault Weapon Bans, and Universal Registration Background Checks are brought back for another vote.

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