Thursday, July 25, 2013

A Little Thursday Afternoon Snark

  "They say that George Zimmerman is going to change his name to Ben Ghazi so that Obama and the media will stop talking about him."

  BTW, George Zimmerman recently helped  to save 4 people involved in a car crash. Obama let 4 people die at Benghazi.

  If George Zimmerman changes his name to Marcus, Jamal, or LeBron, there will be no interest from Al Sharpton in any of his future self defense shootings.

  Who would you pick when choosing neighbors, Zimmerman or Martin? One gentleman volunteers to help his community, tutors children of all races, protested the beating of a homeless man, and helps rescue people from trapped cars. The other gentleman is a thief, and a drug user. Who would you want around your family? Which man would you trust with your house keys while on vacation?

  No one was killed for wearing a hoodie, buying Skittles, or being black. The 17 year old was killed while attacking someone. Period. If you don't know this, then you're uninformed, or easily led by liars with an agenda.

  I'm confused. Was George Zimmerman on trial, or was it Miss Cleo? Unless Zimmerman was psychic, there was no way for him to know if Martin was going to beat him for 30 more seconds or 20 more minutes. He also had no way of knowing if Trayvon Martin was going to kill him.
  Many on the Left seem to believe that he should simply have accepted his beating and trusted in the good will and self control of his attacker. I disagree.

  Following Martin was a mistake, but it wasn't illegal. End of story. Was Martin "Profiled?" I really don't care. He did fit the profile of criminals plaguing Zimmerman's gated community. Sorry, it's true.
  Unless GZ works for the TSA, there's no real reason for him to spend time checking out toddlers, nuns, and old women when looking for criminals.
  Profiling... waaaaaah. Guess what? When the government was looking for the DC Sniper, we were told that the shooter was a white male. So what did we, white males do? We cried, whined, pissed, and moaned about being "Profiled."
  Nah... we really didn't. We just kept our eyes open for suspicious white guys in white vans.
  The same clowns that are soooo concerned about Martin being profiled are silent about the Department Of Homeland Security stating that returning veterans, Constitutionalists, and 2nd Amendment supporters are the biggest threat to our nation's security.

  Would the race hustlers have visited Florida if Zimmerman's last name was Sanchez? Does the killing of black youths only count when it sounds like the shooter is a white Jew?

  Rachel Jeantel is the first person that I've seen that could make Al Sharpton sound like Bryant Gumbel.

  Speaking of Rachel, the media is desperately trying to convince us that she's an extremely intelligent young woman. Don't believe your lying eyes, and ears. Believe what CNN and MSNBC are telling you.
   Would you want to hear her voice coming from the control tower when your plane is getting ready to land?
  Would you want to hear her voice on the other end of the phone after calling 911?      
  Would you want her to process your loan paperwork when buying a home? I really doubt that most people would want her involved in anything even remotely important. Hell... I wouldn't trust her to even get my order right when going through the drive through at McDonald's.

  Why is the Democratic Party so concerned about the violent trash in our communities? Many on the Left are fighting to weaken or do away with Stand Your Ground laws. Are Liberals that concerned about the welfare of rapists, killers, and muggers?

  BTW, "Stand Your Ground" was never used as a defense during the trial. When your media choices keep harping on the shooting and "Stand Your Ground," you are being misled. How you feel about being lied to by journalists is up to you. If they keep your trust after consistently lying to you then you're a fool.

  The media constantly used a pre teen picture of Trayvon Martin, when discussing the 17 year old's death. Will they use elementary school pics for the next case that they push, or perhaps a few ultrasound pictures?

  Trayvon Martin was larger than I was when I graduated from Parris Island (boot camp). He may have legally been a "Child," but he was hardly the helpless babe that CNN and MSNBC portrayed him to be.

  Snark Free Zone:

  I've spent a little time discussing the Zimmerman trial on this blog. More posts on this case will probably follow this one. Why am I so concerned about this shooting?

  One major reason that I'm still interested in this story is because we're being lied to on a nightly basis. There WAS a fair trial, and Zimmerman won. "Justice" doesn't mean that you get your way. Many Americans seem to think that throwing a hissy fit guarantees them whatever they want. It's sad that reality is such a rude awakening for them.

  Zimmerman had the State and Federal government against him. The full weight of the legal system was brought to bear in this year's trial. He was investigated by the FBI for what is basically a local crime.
  Almost the entire mainstream media was calling for his head. They spent over a year twisting the story into something that it wasn't, and even altered audio tapes of the 911 calls. They denied his injuries for months, and told America that he called Martin a "Coon." Media malpractice was the norm in regards to the Zimmerman story.
  So who else was gunning for Zimmerman? I seem to remember the President speaking out about this case. A lot of pretend Civil Rights organizations and race pimps denounced him again and again. There was even a bounty placed on him. Apparently the Justice Dept. is OK with "Dead or Alive" bounties being placed on citizen's heads by hate groups.
  America's entertainment industry did all that they could to influence the nation's view of GZ.
  Countless politicians weighed in, and spewed as many lies as the media.
  Despite a truly unprecedented army of opponents, Zimmerman won. Was it a fair trial? Not really. What he faced went far beyond what should be considered fair.
  He won. It's time for the hissy fits and hysteria to stop. Get over it.

  Let's get back to why I really care so much about this case. I hate seeing the government oppress an innocent individual. Many seem to agree with me in that regard. My main motivation, however, is that I could be the next Zimmerman.
  I carry concealed, am White, and have an odd name (doesn't sound Jewish though so I might not be a target of the "Civil Rights" leaders). I hope and pray that I never have to use my gun, but if the unthinkable happens, I might find myself facing what Zimmerman faced. Considering my gun hobby, history (USMC), online postings, and size... I would be screwed. Many Americans would find themselves in a similar situation if the media/race pimp circus decided to make them the next GZ.
  So this is why I care. It's simple self interest. When you let the government take down an innocent man, you make it easier for them to target you next.
  Is Zimmerman a hero? Hardly. He does, however, seem like a decent human being in a bad situation. I'll support him because I could be the next George Zimmerman.

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