Saturday, July 6, 2013

Multi Caliber Revolver

  I can't believe that this firearm isn't still being made. It boggles the mind, and proves that life isn't fair.

 Some of you no doubt remember a lot of prepping, and hysteria before Y2K. This was the earliest that I can recall people putting away guns, and ammo (I'm not as old as you think I am). I can vaguely remember a revolver called the Colt "Survivor" being mentioned in the various gun publications during the late 1990's. It seemed like a fascinating weapon, and I looked forward to seeing it released. Unfortunately it was never put on the market in spite of being a great concept.

   Colt never released the gun, but 500 Medusa  revolvers were produced by Phillips & Rodgers. Why they hell isn't this weapon still being made? I'd buy one tomorrow, and I believe that it would be a great seller in this current environment.

 Yes, almost 3/4 of all handguns sold in the USA are semi autos, but there is a huge interest in prepping and survivalism at this time. A handgun that will take a couple of dozen different calibers would fly off of the shelves. Even if you disregarded the prepping community, this gun would sell just because of all of the gun owners that have struggled to find ammunition this year. Most of us would never use anything other than 9mm, .38spl, or .357 Magnum rounds, but everyone enjoys the cool factor when buying gear.
  Consider all of the people that purchase .22lr conversion kits, or those that buy Lone Wolf 9mm barrels for their .40cal Glocks. It's easy to see that there is an interest in multi caliber handguns.

 Yes, it's cheaper to pop a polymer pistol frame out of a mold every 90 seconds than it is to have a steel revolver frame spend 15 minutes on a CNC machine. Ruger, however, has demonstrated that they can make revolver frames from polymer that will hold up to Magnum caliber abuse. I'd love to see them take this concept, and run with it in a large framed polymer handgun.

  I'd easily pay M1911 prices for an updated version of this Medusa. Is anyone at Ruger firearms listening? If Taurus can sell a bazillion of their multi caliber Judges then it's obvious that this weapon would be a hit with gun enthusiasts.
  Don't even get me started on producing an updated LeMat for the 21st century.

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