Monday, August 20, 2012

CrossBreed Holster Review

I've been using this holster off and on for about a year and highly recommend it. I currently have 3 holsters for the Kahr CW9 and they all work well. The CrossBreed Supertuck Deluxe is my favorite for IWB carry and IMO works the best.

I'm a fan of  this holster because it's wide and spreads the weight out across your belt. Instead of having the load drag one portion of your belt/pants down the weight is distributed more evenly. There is also less movement along the belt with this holster vs some of the narrower ones I've used.

The SuperTuck does a very good job of keeping the gun close to the body. This should be a given with a IWB holster but I have others that let the gun print and I can carry my CW9 in the CrossBreed even in a t shirt without it showing.

Retention is very good and I have no worries about the gun falling out in normal use. If I had a job in which I was climbing ladders or crawling under houses all day I would probably go with something with a strap. For normal daily carry however this is a very good choice.

According to the Daywalker it's the love handles that provide the retention but I disagree and think that:
1) It's just a well designed holster and
2) She needs a few more chores.

BTW,  you have two weeks to return it for a refund if it doesn't work for you.

If you go to the CrossBreed website,ProductName
 you'll see that the holster comes with the SteelClip belt clip. It's an updated version of their earlier metal clip which I think was called the SnapLok.
I believe that I have the earlier version of this belt clip and while it worked pretty good I did have a little bending. I changed over to their J Hooks. So far I prefer the J Hooks to their original metal clips and I think that they work better with the thin 5.11 belts that I usually wear.
3 versions of their clips are available and I would like to see them eventually include straps like some of their competitors.
The belt clips can be adjusted for height as there are 3 holes on either side for positioning.

Horsehide (Add $15) or cowhide backing material is available. The horsehide is said to be more moisture resistant. The one shown to the left is cowhide. The holster portion is Kydex and there is a full length channel for the front sight.

This holster comes with the Combat Cut option. Material is cut away under the pistol grip to allow for a faster draw. The Combat Cut may sacrifice some comfort and increases the cost by $7.50. If I had to do it again I'd probably get the horsehide and fore go the combat cut.  I think it's a good idea but I'd probably rather have the comfort and extra material.

CrossBreed SuperTuck Deluxe with J Hooks and Combat Cutout

I tried a Galco shoulder holster for the Kahr for a few months and have been trying out a Ruger LCR for CCW off and on. I've come back to the CrossBreed and the Kahr since this is the most comfortable and concealable option that I have.  I have no complaints about this holster and  I would highly recommend it if you are deciding on IWB carry.

My CCW pistol doesn't have a manual safety. Instead it has a long double action trigger pull. One consideration that I always have when picking out a holster is can the holster material accidently get into the trigger guard and cause an accidental discharge. The odds are against this happening but there are a few stories posted on the internet by gentlemen that have had this unfortunately happen to them.
I feel pretty confident in the safety of this holster with my firearm.

So what do you look for in a concealed carry holster?

Concealability (Duh)
Good retention
Ease of draw and reholstering

This holster has all of this.

The price is currently $69.75 for the base holster without the horsehide, combat cut or J Clips.  It's not inexpensive and let's face's kind of fugly.
It does however work very well and if you can't carry comfortably then you're not going to carry regularly.
I think it's worth the money and the lifetime warranty is a nice extra.

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