Saturday, February 8, 2014

In The News

Could Your Pocket Knife Get You In Trouble In Florida?
Duty/Defense Carry Ammunition Selection
Pistol Follow Through
De Blasio Reverses Bloomberg's Stop And Frisk Agenda
Although The Stats Show That Stop And Frisk Worked
RIP Ammo
No Pillows At The Olympics
Funny Tweets From The Olympics And Russian Incompetence
Internment Camps Could Happen Again Says Scalia
60 Days With The M&P9
Using A Sling To Improve Rifle Shots
Up To 10 Million Carry Concealed
Data Predicts Female Troop Injuries
Military Progress On Women In Combat Criticized
HS Graduation Rates
HS Dropout Rates
HS Graduation Rates By State - Interactive
Voter ID Hypocrisy
No Corruption At The IRS?
Attack On US Power Grid
What Can A Mere Rifle Do? Power Grid Attacks
Why Are We Afraid Of Islam?
The Best Home Defense Weapon - AR15
AR vs Shotgun For Home Defense - Pt 1
AR vs Shotgun For Home Defense - Pt 2
A TSA Screener's Confession
Massive Russian Fail In Sochi
D'Souza Vs Ayers At Dartmouth
O'Reilly Interview With Obama
Gun Control Activist Caught Carrying A Gun In An Elementary School
College Students OK With Locking Up Or Executing Gun Owners
Big Heavy .45s Worked And Still Do
Car Bomb Instructor Blows Up 21 Of His Own Students
National Guard Unit Training Portrays Conservatives As Terrorists

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