Tuesday, May 13, 2014

In The News

Antartic Sea Ice Coverage Continues To Break Records
Green House Gases And Amounts In The Atmosphere
5 Reasons For The AK47s Legendary Reliability
Anti Gunners Rely On Shoddy Studies, Slack Stats
Al Sharpton Vs His Teleprompter
Modern BAR
The Modern BAR
Recon Marine Dishes On His Weaponry
76 Lawless Actions Obama Has Taken Detailed
SWAT: Manufacturing The Justification To Kill?
Pros And Cons Of Red Dots On Pistols
NYPD, Alcohol, And Shootings
Pistol Stoppages And Their Causes
More To The BLM Saga Than Just The Bundy Case
Bundy's Unedited Remarks
The Fukushima Story Explained
House Dems Turn Out The Lights On The GOP
Waxman Threatens To Kick Issa Out Of Meeting Room
Cummings Hissy Fit After Issa Won't Allow Another Propaganda Speech
Are The NYPD Such Bad Shots That They're A Danger To The Public?
Does The NYPD Have A Training Problem
IRS Sued For Leaking Tax Info To Lefty Groups
Accidental Child Deaths And Handgun Chart
Private Citizens Stop 16% of Mass Shootings
DOJ Only Interested In The Religious Rights Of Muslims?
Yet Another Invasion Of Privacy By The US Gov
"Johns Hopkins' Gun Violence Study Flawed"
Race And Stand Your Ground
The IRS's Behavior Taxes Credulity
IRS Scandal And Victims
HIV Stats
No, Women Don't Make Less Money Than Men
Texas, CA, And The Tale Of The Coyote
Dems Caught Taking Bribes - Cry Racism When Caught
Sting Shut Down When Only Dems Caught
Stand Your Ground (and stats)
US Power Grid Vulnerable To Sabotage
CA Senators Exempt Themselves From State Gun Law
Obama's Syria Disaster

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