Tuesday, August 5, 2014

In The News

Lois Learner's Hard Drive Was Just Scratched, Not Damaged Beyond Repair
DHS Raids Couple's Home, Strips Woman Naked
Anti Gun Laws Costing Blue States Business
How Military Guns Make The Civilian Market
Hunting, Guns, Are Iffy On Facebook. Calling For Death To Jews Is OK However
Defense - Gov Suppressed Evidence In Blackwater Case
France Launches Program To Replace FAMAS Rifle
Why You Shouldn't Mess Around With A Baby Bear
MASS Police Chiefs Demand More Power To Disarm The Peasants
An Exclusive Look Into The IRS E-mail Investigation
Real Unemployment Information
Man Kills Aggressive Bear With A Hi-Point Pistol
Old Man Kills "NON" Pregnant Assailant
Gun Stats
Hamas Tunnels Used To Target Jewish School Kids
Girl Ambushed By 7 Cops For Carrying Water Wins $212k
Obama Executive Order Would Seize Infrastructure, Citizens For National Defense
EDC History: Lewis And Clark's Gear List
Army To Force Out 550 Majors.
1200 Captains Get The Pink Slip
Bill Clinton Passed On Killing Bin Laden
Bill Clinton Could Have Killed Osama Before 9/11
Anti Gunner Incompetence
FSA Claims They Never Tried To Impeach Bush
Sheila Jackson Lee Lies About Bush Impeachment
Journalists Recieve Death Threats From Hamas
Inside Look At IRS E-Mail Investigation
US Army Buys More M9 Pistols
Female Enlisted To Start Serving On Navy Subs
Even A FSA Champion Says That Obama Lied
Pro Israeli Protesters Rescued From Hamas Supporters
US Marine Attacked By Pro Hamas Mob In DC
"Another Travesty Of Justice"
Pentagon Loses Track Of Over 40% Of Weapons Given To Afghans
Jews And Gun Control
How Guns Made The Civil Rights Movement Possible
Perspectives On The George Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin Shooting
Don't Mess With Isreali Drivers
Wis Police Chief Pleads No Contest In Tea Party Flap
Poor Hygeine Foils Underwear Bomber
Do You Remember "Dee Dee?"
Massive Amounts Of Crimes Committed By Illegals In Texas
Obama Is "The Chess Master"

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