Wednesday, February 11, 2015

In The News

20 Tips For Newbies To Concealed Carry
Another Bias In Temperature Measurements Discovered
More Fraud And Fiddling With Climate Temperatures
Skeptics Question Revisions To Climate Data
3 Muslims Killed By Militant Atheist Liberal
Jim Crow Lynchings More Common Than Previously Thought
When FDR Made Owning Gold Illegal - At The Point Of A Gun
Differences Between The Canadian C7 And The US M16
Weaver vs Isosceles Stance
Benefits Of Using A Handgun Laser
Rangerettes And Female Marine Infantry Officers
The Naval War In The Falklands
Psychology: Why Islam Creates Monsters
Females In Combat Arms
Islam And Rape
How Islam Managed To Stay Medieval For 1400 Years
Thanksgiving In Afghanistan
A French Soldier's View Of US Soldiers In Afghanistan
The Devastating Impact Of Vaccine Deniers In One Chart
US Knife Laws
State Knife Laws
FBI Stats - Crime In The US
Is Expired Food Safe To Eat (Prepping)?
3 Million Preppers In the US
How To Grip A Handgun
Slide Lock Reload Methods
Afghan War Hero Stripped Of Silver Star Due To Politics
Chris Kyle Went On, "Killing Sprees?"
The Big Lie - 5.6% Unemployment
The Facts On Budget Deficits And How Presidents Truly Rank
More On Al Sharpton Not Paying Taxes
14 Of Al Sharpton's Biggests Gaffes, Goofs, and Controversies
Bloomberg Wants To Disarm Minorities
Minority Cops Used Black Male Pics As Targets
What Does The Grievance Industry Want?
Crime Stats For The USA
Crime Stats For Age, Sex, Race, Etc.
DIY Kydex Pt 1
DIY Kydex Pt II
DIY- The Ins And Outs Of Working With Kydex
S&W Shield Magazine Basepad Upgrade
Recon Battalion 101
Marine Recon And MARSOC
The Big Lie About Wanat
Almost A Triple Tamir Rice In Texas
780,000 Cops In The USA
More Guns And Less Murders
Barrel Length Studies In NATO Weapons
Cost And The 1911
The Truth About MIM
The Art Of The Rifle
Making An M4 Run Like A Gazelle

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