Saturday, September 12, 2015

In The News

Information That Anti Gunners Never Bring Up
US Marines Evaluate Mixed Gender Units Against All Male Units
USMC Women In Combat Experiment Gets Mixed Results
Getting The Most Out Of Your AR15 Zero
Are Anderson Lowers No Longer Mil-Spec?
Democratic Gun Trafficking Hypocrites Push New Bill
Walter Scott Had Drugs And Alcohol In His System When Killed By The Police
Crime Stats
Black On White Crime Stats
In Defense Of The Officers Who Arrested Freddie Gray
A (incomplete) List Of Muslim Attacks On The US
What We Learned When Embedded With the Kurds
Terrifying Images From The Mall Attack In Kenya
ISIS Enshrines A Theology Of Rape
Treasury Says Debt Has Been Frozen For 150 Days
No One Wants To Ban Guns, Huh?
The Shocking Data On Black On Black Crime
What "Black LIves Matter" Want
Exploding Glock Humor
Fun With Kydex
Fun With Kydex Pt 2
UFC Fighters Take On USMC Martial Arts Experts
Man Dies Attempting Appendix Carry
Retreat Security: I Am Your Worst Nightmare
Bosnian War Survivor Tells His Story
Who's Killing Who?
Crime Stats For Our Cities
Duty To Inform Laws/States
How Many Guns Are There In The US?

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