Saturday, March 18, 2017

In The News

Denver Voting Fraud
More Dead Voters Being Found In Chicago
Boss Tweed Is Gone But Not His Vote
How To Steal An Election
Non Citizens Voting In VA By The Thousands
Hundreds Of Dead People Voting In LA County
Dead People Are Registered To Vote In Harrisburg
Two Women Busted For Election Fraud In FL
Three In VA And FL Arrested For Voter Fraud
Military Voters In WI Told To Submit Ballots After Deadline
Voter Fraud Is Real And Dangerous
Largest Voter Fraud Investigation In Texas History
Voter Fraud Is Real, Here's The Proof
Voter Fraud Investigation In Texas
Dem Politician Votes In Two States
Trump Groping Allegations Debunked?
More Violence Against Trump Voters
Beaten For Supporting Trump
Anti Trump Violence Sweeps The Nation
Vandals Spray Paint Cars Of Trump Supporters
Violence Staged At Trump Events
Defending Your Life With A Shield
What 80,000-100,000 Rounds Does To An AR Barrel
The Ignorance Of "Cut Military Spending"
Sig P320 Subcompact
Innocent Alton Sterling Murdered
Shooting With A Flashlight
Why I'm No Fan Of Appendix Carry
ISIS Tortures, Cooks, And Kills 250 Children
DOJ Smart Gun Requirements - Gov Guns Better Be Glock Reliable
Why Fear Being Arrested For A Straw Purchase?
The Truth About Background Checks
12 Hidden Features Of The AK Cleaning Kit
An AK Stock With Storage
Self Defense Gun Optics
AR15 Maintenance
The Marine's New Combat Vehicle
The White Squatter Camps Of S. Africa
Sexual Assault Numbers By Illegals
The Most Violent Country In Europe
A Constitutional Right To Literacy
NAACP To Black Parents... Keep Your Kids In Crappy Schools
NAACP Turns It's Back On 700,000 Black Students
Want More Hurricanes? Just Re-Classify Them
Idaho child-rape narrative explained by Islamic culture
Free College And Germany
(Illegal Aliens) "They Keep Finding Bodies"
More Fudging Of Climate Data
12 Facts About Mohammed
What's So Bad About Globalism
USA Has The Highest Corporate Tax Rate In The World
3 Self Defense Shooting Myths
Trump Brings Thousands Of Jobs To USA
Obama Parasites Cost Taxpayers $96 Million For Vacations
More Hate Crime Hoaxes
Magazine Storage Answers
List Of Terrorist Attacks Under Obama

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