Thursday, April 12, 2012

Short and sweet Kershaw OSO Sweet review

Much of what I have to say about the OSO Sweet was already said about the Volt II. These knives are very similar as they are both RJ Martin designs, use the same blade steel and handle material, are liner locks and use Kershaw's Speedsafe Assisted Opening flipper design. Both knives use the same pocket clip and are right side carry only. They are however changeable for tip up or tip down carry.
The spear point blade on the OSO Sweet probably isn't as useful as that on the Volt II but it works OK for my tasks. Like the Volt II it's a hollow ground blade with 8CR13MOV steel.
The handle material is glass filled nylon and the spiderweb design on this knife gives you a lot better purchase than on the Volt II.  The handle shape is somewhat similar to the Volt II but not quite as thick. I would say that the shape of the OSO Sweet's handle isn't quite as good or hand filling.

The clip is equally as goofy looking and works well. I've gotten spoiled by my SOG Aegis and now tend to compare every pocket clip to the SOG's. Nothing is wrong with the Kershaw's clip and it carries pretty deep in the pocket. It's just not a SOG (Of coure it's also half the price and IMO the blade has less movement when deployed).

So here's the important stuff.  The blade deploys fast and easily. It does however seem just a little slower opening than the Volt II.  It's still a great flipper  design. The blade locks up very tight with no movement when deployed. The liner lock seems strong and secure. I trust it and have faith in the Kershaw liner locks.
The steel is ok and like the Volt II, the OSO Sweet routinely sells for $20 on sale at my local gun store.  They make great stocking stuffers.
The OSO Sweet weights 2 oz less than the Volt II and unfortunately they don't make an all black version at this time. The blade, screws and clip on mine are more brightly finished than the Volt's.
While I like the better grip texture on the OSO Sweet's panels I prefer the Volt II overall. One thing the OSO Sweet lacks is jimping and the Volt II seems a little stronger overall for some reason. Maybe that extra 2 oz makes a difference. The liner and liner lock look a little thicker on the Volt II but then again the handle is also thicker so you have to decide if the weight difference and thickness are worth it. I don't see how it's an issue carrying in jeans but some worry about every ounce.
I'd recommend the OSO Sweet but would prefer the Volt II or better yet the black version of the Volt II. I will say however that IMO you can't go wrong with either knife for this price range.

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