Tuesday, November 6, 2012

2012 Election Weirdness

New Black Panthers Back At Philly Voting Site
Problems, Panthers Surface At PA Polling Places
Obama Mural Covered....Not Really
Dem Campaign Boss Caught
Judge Orders Obama Mural Covered At Polling Station
Black Panthers Allowed, Poll Watchers Kicked Out
Election Officials Kicked Out Of Polling Stations
Poll Watcher In Detriot Threatened With A Gun
Murals, Panthers And Booted Election Officials
NAACP Takes Over Polling Station
Foreign Observers Amazed At Our Elections System
Obama Poster Hanging In FL Polling Station
Obama Mural In DC Polling Station
Allegations Of Ballot Tampering In Oregon
Suppressing The Military Vote
Fraud, Intimidation, etc
Not Appropriate....Illegal If Done By A Republican
Just Vote Democrat All Of The Way Down
Unregistered Voting In Ohio
Kind Of Funny That They Obeyed
Recount In Allen West's District
More Ballots Than Voters?
Voter Rolls Are Bloated
FL Vote Scandal
Voting Machines Changing Votes
22 Signs That Voter Fraud Is Out Of Control
The Big List Of Voter Fraud Reports
Colorado Counties Have More Voters Than People
Dems Vote The Mentally Disabled
Ohio Woman Votes Twice For Herself And Twice More For Family Members

I'll keep adding to this list. Some of you might remember the write up I did a few weeks ago about voter fraud . I'm sure that this election will give me plenty of material for an update on that as well.

I sit here wondering what the MSM would be saying if there were uniformed Tea Party members outside polling places. I suspect that we would be hearing all about voter intimidation, racism and mass hysteria.

I watch videos like this and have to wonder why New Black Panther members are allowed outside of polling places. Surely there is an intimidation factor that even the most biased Lefty can admit.
Yet, there they are.
They remain while poll watchers are kicked out.

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