Thursday, November 15, 2012

Why Do You Need A Gun?

I read a fair amount of articles on self defense, firearms, etc. That should be no surprise if you've followed this blog for the last few months. I always like checking the comments on these articles and usually find one or two people posting that a gun is unnecessary.

There will inevitably be someone stating that a dog is better than a gun.  A few of those posting comments will sing the praises of their dogs and proclaim that they don't need firearms since they have a _____(breed of your choice). Their pups are always scarier than Cujo and more protective than a mama grizzly.
Let's put that myth to rest.

Guard Dogs More Friendly Than Frightening When Put To The Test

I do want to be fair. This video showed how poorly the canines did in defending their homes but didn't touch on what the dogs would do if their owners were attacked. I suspect that the reaction would be a bit fiercer.
Dogs make better alarm systems than defenders.
I'm not saying that canines are useless, but I believe that many people over estimate the abilities of an animal that has the intelligence of a 2yr old child.

Then there's the guy that believes that martial arts training can replace a gun. This person will go on and on about how everyone should just take martial arts training instead of owning firearms. The term, "Coward" is often thrown around when they describe gun owners.
They never explain what happens when they run into someone with a gun AND more fighting experience than their own. They also never mention what happens if they're confronted by multiple assailants.
The assumption is made that everyone is fit, healthy and has the time and money to study martial arts. It's interesting to read their opinions. I always wonder how long it will be before some criminal removes them from the gene pool.

Here's a couple of articles about a truly heinous crime. I'd like to make 4 quick points.

1) The victim had a dog.
2) The victim was 24 and her assailant was over 60 years old.
3) The victim had martial arts training but was unarmed.
4) Never give up or trust the attacker.

Meredith Emerson Fought Hard To Survive
Studied Martial Arts

Moving on.
This video shows police officers macing a drunk. Civilians cannot buy mace and are stuck with the less effective pepper spray.
Not everyone has the same reaction to OC (Oleoresin Capsicum) spray or mace. Some will roll around on the ground crying while others shake it off like this gentleman.
I believe that there is a lot of misplaced faith in those little pepper spray containers that everyone is buying at Walmart. BTW, not all of these devices are created equal and you often get what you pay for.


I may go back and edit in a video or two about tasers. I'm far from an expert on these devices but I do know this.
If you have to get close enough to make direct contact with another person then they are close enough to get their hands on you as well. Will the tasers work through the clothing an assailant is wearing? If you get the model that shoots barbs can you hit your target? Do you have a reload? How fast can you reload? Suppose there is more than one attacker? What if their clothing is thick enough to prevent contact?
I'll say it again. I'm not an expert with tasers but there seems to be a lot of blind faith put into these devices.

For the record, I believe that everything that I panned above is useful in the right situation.
Dogs make great alarms and offer some protection. If nothing else they are sometimes a deterrence.
Martial arts or anything that improves your level of fitness makes you more confident and a less tempting target.
OC spray and tasers provide a less lethal response if needed and let's be clear, there are times when deadly force is not preferred or justified.
Meeting a deadly threat with a less lethal response will probably not end well.
Dogs, sprays, tasers, etc are great. They're all just another tool in your tool box.
Firearms are the same thing, just another tool.

So in conclusion, pick what works for you. Layer your self defense tools and don't put blind faith in something that costs $5 at Walmart. Pick what you can use and don't believe that a rape whistle can fill the role of a firearm.

Also don't put your trust in middle aged bloggers that spend way too much time talking about gun stuff on the internet. Get some professional training.

Nuff said.

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