Saturday, July 5, 2014

In The News

Cummings Hissy Fit At IRS Hearing
Not A Smidgeon Of Corruption? IRS Settles With Victim For $50,000
Another Gov Agency Can't Find Their Files
IRS Auditor Reaffirms That Conservatives, Not Liberals, Were Targeted
Learner's Computer Crashed 10 Days After Investigation Began
Details On The Learner Targetting Of Conservatives
Pentagon Prepping For Mass Civil Breakdown
Obama, Hurricanes, And More Global Warming Gibberish
The Scandal Of Fiddled Global Warming Data
The Dragunov Sniper Rifle
Rape Victim Speaks Out About Hillary
Rape Victim Claims That Hillary Smeared Her
ISIS Jihadists Seize Sadamn's Chemical Weapons
CIA Report On Iraq Chemical Weapons Facility
Where Do ISIS Militants Get Their Funding?
Thomas Jefferson's "Assault Weapon"
"Facts" From Moms Demand Action Debunked
How Many School Shootings Since Sandy Hook
Making Up Facts About Guns
Lies My President Told Me
10 Things To NEVER Do After A Self Defense Shooting
Canned Food Shelf Life Studies
Eddie Eagle Safety Program Reaches 27 Million Children
VA Whistleblower Speaks Out
The Real Story Of The IRS Scandal
Operation Chokepoint Targeting Gun Firms
Has The DHS Become A Standing Army?
Data Shows Origins Of Guns Recovered In 2012
Time To Get Real About Reparations
Zastava M70A 9mm Review
Rise In Female Genital Mutilation- All 30 Girls In One Class Cut
Why The US Military Made The Right Decision In Ditching The M1911

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