Monday, July 14, 2014

In The News

Army Starting To Adopt Upgraded M4A1 Carbines
AR15: Milspec Or Not
Marines Look At Changing PFT Standards For Women
Childrens School Book Bag Protection For Gunfire
Government Data Show US In Decade Long Cooling
Antarctic Sea Ice At Record Levels
Global Warming Could Make Gingers Extinct
Another Smart Gun Idea Is Only Two Years Away
More CIA, FBI Spying
Violent Crime Drops, Police Become More Militarized
Some Comparisons Between The Reagan And Obama Recoveries
US Army Looking For A New Handgun
Gunfighter Moment
Politics, Not Science, Driving Global Warming Movement
ISIS Seizes Iraqi Chemical Weapons (Which Didn't Exist According To Liberals)
The Martial Art Of Foot Soldiering
IRS Employee Suspended For Campaigning For Obama During Work
Lois Lerner Warned Employees About Emails Being Stored And Investigations
Insulting Slogans On Campervans
DOJ Investigates Parade Float Insulting The President - USA Moving One Step Closer To Becoming Venezuela
WMDs In Iraq
Rev Al Still Battling His Teleprompter
Harder Hitting Nonsense And The M9 Beretta
The Over Exaggerated C Clamp Grip

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