Saturday, May 9, 2015

In The News

1911 Malfunctions
Service Pistol Maintenance Considerations
1911 Magazines
The Best Gun For Concealed Carry
The .22 Magnum For Self Defense
The Ruger LC9s Striker Fired Pistols
Perjuryfest 2014 And The Brown/Wilson Fiasco
Ferguson Fakeout: Justice Dept's Bogus Report
Taurus PT 24/7 G2 Review
The Sun Has Gone Quiet
Global Warming Slowdown
Weakest Solar Cycle In More Than A Century
Marines To Upgrade Rifles, Investigate Hollowpoint Use
22lr Accuracy Comparison
Infographic On Guns In America
Times Reporting On More Non-Existent Iraqi WMDs
CIA Buys And Destroys Iraqi Chemical Weapons
Beginners Guide To CCW: Buying Your First Pistol
A Summary Of Military Calibers Discussions And Wound Ballistics
USMC Adopts New 5.56mm MK318 Ammo
US Army Issues New 'Green' M855A1 Ammo
Woman Accidently Killed While Adjusting Bra Holster
The Best Five 9mm Loads
Top 21 Survival Pickup Lines
Student Wants ROTC "Criminals" Removed From Campus
How To Make Alcohol At Home
Warren Buffet To The FSA Commander In Chief
What The Typical American Made Last Year
Judge Slams EPA For Discriminating Against Conservatives
Evidence Of Pre Columbus Trade Found In Alaska
3 MSNBC Hosts Have A Hard Time Paying Taxes
Yet Another Mob Beating
Police Kill More Whites Than Blacks
Few People Lost Jobs In VA Scandal
Iraqi Weirdness (NSFW)
How To Deal With Cross Eye Dominance With Handguns
Voter Fraud In MO
200 Businesses Destroyed In Baltimore Riots
11 Explosive Clinton Cash Facts

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