Sunday, October 28, 2012

A Bit Of News - Mostly Politics

Majority Harbor Prejudice Against Blacks
The Questions Asked In The Survey
How The Polls Were Conducted

A large portion of the questions regard how people feel about Obama, his policies and his performance. Apparently how you feel about the President and the job that he's done helps to determine whether or not you're a racist?
No bias there.
Nope, nothing, nada, zip, zero, none.
The fact that the media would even publish a story like this with such clear bias in the questions helps to show why the MSM is not trusted by most Americans.
I truly hate studies and articles like this. The problem isn't that they're necessarily junk science, BS and politically driven. It's the fact that most of America will never know of the methods behind the polling. In a week or two everyone on CNN and MSNBC will quote the study and article thus giving it an appearance of legitimacy. It will then be cited over and over throughout the media with no one knowing the real facts behind the study. This is especially true if Obama loses on Election Day.
We saw this (Actually it's still discussed now and then) in regards to a Brady Campaign report about gun deaths and children. The report had to include adult (18 & 19 year olds) deaths with the children's in order to get high fatality statistics but that's never is mentioned by the MSM. Just the results are discussed and thus the report is often believed to be legitimate research outside of the firearms world.
We'll see the same thing happen with the racism story.

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Now back to the gun stuff.

Obama Hints At Handgun Bans
Violent Crime Rates Are Up 18%
US Crime Rates 1960-2010
FBI Statistics For Violent Crime In 2010

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