Sunday, October 7, 2012

Voter Fraud

There's a lot of misinformation out there about voter fraud. According to one political party and the, "Watchdogs" in the media there's little or no voter fraud in the USA.
Nope, nothing to worry about. It just doesn't happen.
The odd thing is that I run across story after story about cases of voter fraud. I thought that I would share them with you. If you feel the need to educate a CNN or MSNBC viewer then please send them a link.

Collecting these stories isn't exactly a hobby. It only took a few minutes to gather these articles. I tried to make sure that all of these deal with documented voter fraud instead of just allegations. Arrests and/or convictions are covered in some of the links. That should be obvious proof for those that claim that the fraud isn't occuring.
Unfortunately many Democratic prosecutors refuse to bring charges or investigate voter fraud.
So evidently there are clear cases of voter fraud in the US and a large portion of the media, politicians and "Civil Rights" groups are desperately trying to ignore the problem.
Let me correct that statement. They aren't ignoring the problem. They are lying about it.

Video Snags Dem Boss Plotting Voter Fraud
5,000 Non Citizens Voting In Colorado
Minnesota Voter Fraud - 2812 Dead Voters
53,000 Dead Voters Found In Florida
Illegal Immigrants Are Voting In American Elections
VA Investigates Voter Fraud
Felon Sentenced To 4 Days In Jail For Illegally Registering To Vote
Only 1793 Of 25,000 Registrations Are Valid
299 Convicted Felons Voted - 30,000 Dead Registered To Vote
NAACP Official Convicted
More Info On The NAACP Official Convicted
Al Franken And Voting Felons
Another Al Franken Election Story  
And More Al Franken Election Info
A Few Thousand Deceased Voters In Minnesota
NYT - 1.8 Million Dead People Listed As ACTIVE Voters
Dem Politician Voting In Two States
Hundreds Over 110yrs Old Register In NC
More Dead Voters
A Few More Dead Voters
Dems Admit Voting Twice
Ohio Voter Fraud In 2012

Now let's view a few articles showing how the system is broken. Below are several news stories showing how easy it is to cast a fraudulent vote.

Dead Dog Recieves Voter Registration Form
NM Dog Registered To Vote
O'Keefe Showing How It's Possible
O'Keefe In NC This Time
O'Keefe In Vermont
Dead Can Vote In New Hampshire
Getting Sent Two Ballots
Voter Fraud In Ohio
109 Registered Voters For Every 100 Eligible Voters
Voter Rolls Are Bloated
2012 Election Weirdness

And now for something even more disgraceful.

Military Voters - Flashback
Gov Sues To Restrict Military Voting
Dems Vs Military Voters
Obama's Home State
South Carolina Voter ID Law Upheld By Federal Court (Just Not During This Election)

I worked for about 45 minutes putting this post together. That's 45 minutes with a gun review video running on YouTube in the background. It's not like this had my undivided attention.
Somehow all of these stories are missed by our largest networks, their anchors and their producers. It's almost like they have an agenda to support voter fraud and the political party that seems to benefit from the practice.
Face it, the MSM will have to be dragged kicking and screaming into reporting about the widespread voter fraud across the US. It's kind of like how they were finally pressured into reporting on the ACORN scandal and Fast And Furious.
Until that time they will continue to lie.



Then there's the host that actually advocates voter fraud.


It should be clear to everyone at this point that voter fraud is a huge problem and this is especially true after seeing several elections decided by only a few hundred votes.  The Democrats, the politicians and the Liberal media aren't entirely stupid.
Not entirely.
They know that voter fraud exists and it is widespread.
They just don't care because the Left benefits from it.

So what do they do? They can't admit that it's a common problem. So there must be some reason that they can use to deny the practice exists.
The Left pretends to be the champions of the poor, the elderly, the minorities and the college students. The same people that have to show ID in order to get government assistance just can't seem to find ID on Election Day.
Amazing isn't it?
The problem is that the cries of disenfranchisement and racism actually work on those that are uninformed and willfully ignorant. Of course that's about half of the nation at this time.
So here we are... still arguing about something that is easily fixed or at least minimized. We're still fighting about it because of the dishonesty and hypocrisy on the Left.
The sad thing is that we're likely to still be fighting about it 4 years from now.

I'll keep adding links to this post. I think that this will be a new pet project until after Nov. 6th.

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