Sunday, July 17, 2016

In The News

Shooting Steel Cased Ammo In An AR15
How An AR15 Works
Philandro Castiles' Gun Permit Revealed
BLM Bars Sick Infant From The Hospital
Torture, Mutilation, In French Terrorist Attack
Trump's Charity
20 Veterans Commit Suicide Every Day
Disease Spreading Behavior In The Third World
Audit Finds Widespread Voter Fraud In NC
990 People Shot Dead By Police In 2015-Statistics
Obama's Divisive Double Standards
Congressman Ended Up On No Fly List... Idiot Still Believes In Gun Ban Lists
Another Asshat Congressman That was On A No Fly List Wants Gun Ban Lists
Does The Gov Still Think That This Cub Scout Is A Terrorist?
FBI: Orlando Terrorist Wasn't On Watch List
.308 vs 7.62x51mm
Gun Range Tragedy
Jihad vs Crusades
Benghazi Rescue Interrupted Pt 1
Media Ignores Violence Against Police Officers
The White Slaves Of Barbary
Paving The Way For The Orlando Attack
Gun Store Owner Warns FBI About Orlando Terrorist
Former Co Worker Speaks About The Pulse Shooter
Pulse Nightclub Shooter Was An Asshole Even As A Child
Orlando Terrorist Was Not On The Watch List
Who Sold Felon Alton Sterling His Illegal Gun?
17 Facts About The Orlando Shooter
Alton Sterling's Record
Lt. Col. Kate Germano On Women And The Marines
The Secret Government Rulebook For Labelling You A Terrorist
Why No One Should Trust The Media
The More You Know: Polygonal Rifling
Orlando Terrorist: The Most Gun Control Compliant Murderer In History?
Your AR15 Isn't Milspec And That's OK
Teaching New Shooters: Do's And Don'ts
3 Great Techniques For Right Handed Left Eye Dominant People
One Woman's Case In Being On The No Fly List
Trump Supporters Were Running For Their Lives
Asshat Attacks A Trump Supporter
Witch Hunt Against Trump Supporters
Cops, Horses, Attacked Outside Of A Trump Rally
More Anti Trump Violence
Shots Fired At A Trump Rally
More Idiots That Don't Believe In Other's Rights
Anti Trump Thuggery
How Guns Work-Striker Fired Pistols
Historical Manufacture Of Charcoal
10 Habits Of A CCW Holder
10 Skills To Practice After You Finish CCW Training
More Votes Being Cast From The Grave
Hundreds Of Dead Californians Voting
Convicted For Voting 5 Times For Obama

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