Saturday, July 23, 2016

Trump Is Not The Monster That The Left Would Have You Believe

  Donald Trump isn't my first choice for the Republican Party, but he's our nominee and will get all of my support during this election. I don't think that he'll be a great President, but I have no doubt that he'll be far better than Hillary.

  I've heard a lot of people say, "You don't know what Trump will do." That's true. He's changed his mind on a lot of issues again and again over the years (and even sometimes during this election cycle).

  I do, however, know what Hillary will do and I know what she will put on the Supreme Court. That makes rolling the dice for a Trump White House a no brainer.

  So we don't know what to expect from Donald Trump if he wins in November? Fair enough.

  Let's look at what Trump won't do:

He will not travel the globe bowing to dictators and Communists.
He will not send White House representatives to the funerals of every dead criminal killed by police officers.
He will not leave Americans to die without support in foreign hell holes (Benghazi comes to mind).
He will not flood our country with unvetted Muslim refugees from nations that largely hate the West, Christianity, and America.
He will not call everyone that disagrees with him a racist.
He will not invite Al Sharpton to the White House over 72 times (as our current POTUS has).
He will not direct his Justice Department to wage war against Christian businesses, and little old nuns.
He will not take money from Saudi Arabia while deciding on weapons sales to that nation.
He will not take money from Russia while deciding on the approval of Russian companies mining uranium in the US.
He will not hold up the Keystone Pipeline.
He will not stack the Supreme Court with Liberal justices.
He will not penalize the oil and coal industries thus driving up the price of energy, while decreasing employment.
He will not pretend that flooding our nation with unskilled refugees that cannot speak English is a recipe for success.
He will not blame a firearm for a terrorist attack.
He will not blame the NRA for terrorist attacks.
He will be able to call the terrorists what they are without worrying about their race, or religion first.
He will not lecture America about how peaceful Islam really is every time jihadis kill a few dozen innocent men, women, and children.
He will not lecture Christians about the Crusades after jihadis burn a man alive.
He will not turn a memorial service for slain police officers into an apology-fest and recruiting drive for BLM.
He will not worry more about a deserter than he does about our veterans.
He will not lecture America about the evils of global warming after taking dozens of vacations all over the globe.
He will not lecture Americans about not needing firearms while surrounding himself and his family with a army of Secret Service Agents, Capital Police Officers, and Marines.
He will not put America's interests behind those of the rest of the world.
He will not let the VA continue in the disgraceful manner in which it has behaved under the Dems.
He will not defend and offer an unethical defense of someone that raped a 12 year old child.

  This list can go on and on. Let me know if you can think of any of the disgraceful and/or illegal acts that we've seen from Obama and Hillary that you know will not be repeated by Trump. I'll edit them in.

  Donald Trump has a lot of flaws. I don't do the fan-boy thing, and am sickened by the Hopeychangey Mesiah beliefs that so many Barack Obama supporters endlessly babble. I'll never show cult like devotion to a politician, and don't get a thrill running up my leg from hearing one speak. None of that is necessary.
  I'm pretty easy to please. I just want someone to vote for that is competent, intelligent, and actually has a little patriotism (for a change). I'd like for them to surround themselves with cabinet members and advisors that don't need a waiver in order to get a security clearance. I want someone that puts America first. Believing in the Constitution is a huge plus, but just about anyone can beat the average Democrat in that regard.
  Trump doesn't check every box that I want in a candidate, but he easily surpasses Hillary Clinton.
  I believe that he is a decent (if sometimes a bit coarse) man overall, and has a lot of love for this nation. I would suspect that his wife will not need her husband to win the Presidency in order to feel pride in this country.
  That goes a long way after the last 7 1/2 years.

  Let's look at what Trump has done. He's worked with both Democrats and Republicans for decades, and could count on support from both sides up until this election. He has been both honest and successful enough in the business world that people will invest millions of their own dollars in his businesses. His name is respected enough that people will pay him to endorse their projects.
Can you imagine anyone ever going into a business venture with Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama in 2016?

  Someone much smarter than myself once said that the measure of a person is how they behave when no one is watching. Most of you have never heard of the actions listed below. Donald Trump didn't need a press corps, 5 photographers, and a press secretary to document his actions when providing help to others.

  If only the same could be said for the walking skid mark that currently occupies the White House, or Hillary Clinton. Some of you may be Obama or Clinton fans. My question is this. Can you imagine either one of them visiting a VA hospital without a film crew present, or giving a dollar to a cause that didn't shill for the Democratic Party?

Trump's Charity
Donald Trump Helped Out An Ex Marine That Was Left To Rot
Trump Fixes The Skating Rink That NYC Couldn't Repair
Trump Helps A Sick Child

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