Thursday, July 21, 2016

The 11 Types Of Anti Gunners

  This post will have an ongoing edit as I get time to work on it, and run across more gun ban supporters. While most of us know a few antis, we don't usually think about the different breeds in this very diverse group. I'll start this off with a few of our more common foes, and add more later. Add a comment if I've missed your favorite.

The Hypocrite
  I don't need to spend a lot of time on this one. It's obvious who they are. They're the politicians that are surrounded by their own private security forces, but feel that the little people should be disarmed. Our President comes to mind. Former politicians such as Bloomberg also fall into this category.
  Firearm owning Hollywood types that favor gun bans make the list. Many of them have made a fortune off of movies about guns and violence. Somehow they feel that it's someone else's fault when a madman dresses up like one of their characters, and shoots up a room full of people. The Hypocrite will blame the gun manufacturers, NRA, gun owners, etc. The fact that the Hypocrites have contributed to a culture of violence, and often glorified murder escapes them.
  Yes... I'm talking about you in the rap music community.
  Many, if not most,  of the Democrat's wealthy elite are Hypocrites.
  This list can go on and on. All of us can name a few dozen anti gun Hypocrites.

The Fudd
  This is generally a gun owning gentleman who's taste in firearms runs toward blued steel and walnut. He favors the more classic looking hunting rifles and shotguns. Polymer is not for him. If he owns a handgun then it's a revolver, or perhaps a M1911. The Fudd has owned guns his entire adult life, and strongly supports the 2nd Amendment... if your guns look like his.
  This gentleman (and it is usually a male) is also OK with banning magazines that hold more than 10 rounds. Self defense statistics regarding stopping power and hit/miss ratios are not on his reading list.
  He'll throw you under the bus in a heartbeat if you have one of those evil looking Black Rifles, or an AK. He doesn't know much about either weapon, but he knows that no one needs more than 5 rounds to kill a deer.
  The Fudd is the anti gunners greatest friend, whether he knows it or not. A huge number of "Pro gun" politicians are FUDDs.

The Fraidy Cat
  This man or woman has an irrational fear of firearms. He/she is scared to be around them, and may throw a full on hissy fit or tantrum after being exposed to a gun.
  Most of us have a healthy respect for firearms but realize that a rifle, pistol, or shotgun is just a tool that should be handled with care. They don't operate themselves.
  The Fraidy Cat has no problem hurtling down the highway at 70mph while eating a Big Mac, and talking on a cell phone. The FC is even fine with having electrical outlets near the tub, and a light fixture over the shower stall. Firearms, however, are some form of terrifying mechanical boogeyman.
  The Fraidy Cat is very selective in picking his/her fears, and often enjoys making a scene.

The Professional Gun Banner
  This individual makes a decent living advocating more gun laws, and bans. The PGB will usually own a firearm or two, and the odds are great that at least one will be on the proposed ban list.
  The Professional Gun Banner knows that most of his/her proposals are useless, but nonetheless remains committed to the cause and their paycheck. The PGB and The Hypocrite have a lot in common. The PGB, however, is more like a paid professional Hypocrite.

The MSM Viewer
  This person is generally uninformed about the firearms debate. He/she can recite whatever gibberish, or talking points that they heard on the TV last night. They cannot form an opinion on their own, and are easily led by their favorite celebrities, or television personalities (I have a hard time using the word "Journalist" in regards to most of those currently reading the news on cable television).
  The Mainstream Media Viewer can only deal with the most simplistic explanation, and doesn't consider anything other than the propaganda that they're fed. Any source other than MSNBC (or perhaps CNN) is considered to be biased, and untrustworthy. God help you if you refute one of their beliefs with statistics.
  Their information and theories occasionally come from sources other than the mainstream media, if that source will help to re enforce their opinions and world view. Comedy shows are sometimes used in lieu of the media for information.
  When you hear an anti gunner quoting Chris Rock's skit about making bullets $5,000 each then you know you're dealing with a MSM Viewer. The same can be said for the individual that constantly talks about your gun being a "Weapon of war."

The Big City Mayor
  This anti gunner is known to many of us. For the purpose of saving time and space, I'll include the city council and other local politicians with The Big City Mayor.
  The BCM often manages a crime ridden cesspool of a city. Chicago comes to mind. The city usually has a culture of crime, corruption, violence, poverty, and excuse making at all levels.
  It may or may not already have gun bans in place. Regardless of existing laws, crime rates will be high, and The Big City Mayor will place the blame on the gun industry, 2nd Amendment supporters, and gun owners.  The inhabitants and those running the city refuse to share in the blame for their murder rates.
   So why blame outside forces for an internal problem? The most common reason is that politicians wish to keep their jobs. If they told the truth, and urged their residents to act like responsible citizens, these politicians would be quickly voted out of office.
  Another common reason is fiscal mismanagement. These broken, mismanaged cities are often on the verge of bankruptcy. The possibility of suing a gun manufacturer for millions of dollars is very tempting.
  Obviously there is some over lap between The Big City Mayor and The Hypocrite.

The Cultist
  Believe it or not, the Cultist is often a gun owner. They believe so deeply in a government official that he/she is willing to support more gun control, or sit idly by while new bans are being implemented. This person innocently believes anything that their leader does is right, just, and for the good of the nation. Obviously their ruler is above the politics and pettiness that other politicians suffer from.
  Devotion is what gets the Cultist through the day. Their faith is strong, and they can often be heard quoting some inane statement that their leader said in the past. This group has grown greatly during the age of Obama.
  Cultists tend to ignore the news, or self censor the information that they consume. A Cultist often becomes angry when others doubt in their leader's honesty, or divine inspiration. They may actually become violent if those they support are disparaged in any way. Should facts, statistics, and history be presented in an opposing viewpoint, the Cultist is likely to fly into a rage.
  They're usually irrational, and generally not that intelligent. Be very wary when dealing with this kind of anti gunner.
  DO NOT DEBATE THIS PERSON AT WORK. These people have HR on speed dial, and everything that you have told a Cultist has been processed through their personal filters. Statistics become sexism, history becomes racism, and facts are a personal attack upon this individual. At the end of the day, they won't know what you said but they will know what they heard.

The Holier Than Thou
  Other than The Cultist, The Holier Than Thou is probably the anti gunner that most of us deal with on a daily basis.
  How best to sum up this person? They have a great deal of Fraidy Cat in them, and there's quite a bit of MSNBC Viewer present too. Odds are good that you'll find at least a smidgen of The Cultist present in their personality as well.
  The Holier Than Thou anti gunner doesn't see a need for private ownership of firearms for self defense. They are, however, fine with calling someone else with a gun to protect them.  It's not so much that they are anti gun. They're strongly anti self reliance, and personal responsibility. These individuals don't want the responsibility of protecting themselves, or their families. It's the job of the government, police department, etc.
  You'll often hear them talk about giving up firearms, "For the children." They're very proud of that. Of course they're only willing to give up rights that they aren't using. The Holier Than Thou is a strong believer in giving up someone else's rights for the greater good. Would you like an example of this?
  Ask them to give up their internet privacy, smart phones, or home computer to help stamp out child pornography and they'll scream. Make a small change to an abortion law and the cries will deafen you. They'll apparently only go so far, "For the children."
  What is really amusing is the THTT that keeps a baseball bat for home defense. Apparently he/she feels much more pious bashing in an intruder's head with a bat than shooting them with a Glock.

The Parasite
  This individual may have been an asset to their community back in the day. They are currently looking out for No.1, and are more interested in keeping an extremely comfortable lifestyle instead of actually helping their people or cause.
  The Parasite makes a very good living screaming racism, sexism, etc. loudly, and often. Whether or not it's applicable is not an issue.
  So who is The Parasite. It's the feminist (often politician, news woman, etc) that believes a woman's best defense against a rapist isn't a pistol. It's peeing on herself, or perhaps vomiting.
   It's also the "Civil Rights Activist" that believes in disarming his own people, and leaving them defenseless. Watch the news in NYC, DC, Chicago, Detroit, Philly, Richmond, etc. You'll see a lot of people like this.
   His/her community may reside in drug and crime ridden inner cities. Crushing poverty is a likely cause of most of their ills, and culture is largely to blame for this poverty. This anti gunner could walk the streets of Chicago organizing neighborhood watches, urging kids to stay in school, urging babies to stop making babies, telling parents to act like parents.
  Instead, The Parasite finds it more convenient to whisper those suggestions one day per month while loudly blaming others for the other twenty nine.
  Everything is always someone else's fault. There's good money to be made in making excuses, and blaming others. If the job is done well enough then there may even be an invitation to the White House.
  Whatever form The Parasite takes, there are a few universal traits. This individual isn't really concerned with helping his/her people, neighborhood, city, etc. They are most interested in making a paycheck off of the suffering in their community, and helping themselves.   If they somehow happen to do a little good along the way then that's a bonus, but it's not the most important thing to this person. Another payday is what matters.

The Victim
  I have some sympathy for this anti gunner despite their desire to limit or take away my 2nd Amendment rights. That doesn't mean that I won't oppose them whenever possible.
  This anti gun advocate was the victim of a crime, and it's very likely that a gun was used by the mugger, rapist, home invader, etc. Instead of rationally focusing their anger at the trash in their community, they transfer their rage to an inanimate object... the gun.
  It's hard to reason with The Victim. They're operating on emotions instead of logic. They've experienced a crime, and when faced with the choice of becoming more self reliant or supporting meaningless gun laws... they decided to take the path on the left.  Odds are greatly against them ever joining our ranks.

The Grieving Family Member
  Some of the descriptions above were a little snarky, mean, or even humorous. That won't be the case with this final category.
  The Grieving Family Member is just that, someone that has lost a loved one. There's nothing amusing here, and these people have my deepest sympathy. I disagree with their politics in regards to firearms, but understand why they believe what they believe.
  The GFM has experienced a loss, and suffers from crushing grief. They may never recover from the loss of a loved one, and want to punish someone... anyone. The criminal/s are likely already dead. Cho, Lanza, Mateen, etc. come to mind.
  Someone must pay. If it can't be the actual killer then it must be the object that he used. The family's anger is now aimed at anything related to the gun industry.
  They don't care about logic, facts, statistics, or history. You may out debate them, but you won't be able to reason with them. The Grieving Family Member just wants a new law. It doesn't have to be effective. They just want it.
  The GFM may find themselves being used by other anti gunners such as The Big City Mayor or The Professional Gun Banner. These poor people are experts on grief, not guns.

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