Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Checked Out Some Local Gun Stores

  I was off today, and had nothing better to do than tour the local gun stores. There are 4 within about 20 minutes of my home. I'm not counting Dick's Sporting Goods (2 within 20 minutes also) since I am trying hard to boycott them.

  This is what I saw this afternoon. 3 out of 4 stores had Assault Weapons in stock. There was a nice mix of AR's, AK's, and even a few FAL's. The prices were extremely high, and I wouldn't buy any of them for the prices that were listed. Windham AR's that sold for $800 a few months ago were over $1200 at this time. Fully assembled lowers (CNMG) were close to $500.

  There were a few Glocks, XDMs, Beretta's, etc. present as well. No M&P's were spotted. Most of the stores even had magazines, but I cannot swear that they could match them to every model of Glock, XD/XDM, etc. that was in stock. There were plenty of revolvers and M1911's.
  AR and AK mags were easy to find if you aren't picky about brands.

  3 of the stores had overpriced ammo. The average cost for .45acp (ball) seemed to be about $27 per box.
  .40S&W wasn't much cheaper, and no one had any 9mm.
  A small amount of .223 and 7.62x39mm (Wolf - $13 per box) was available, but the prices were a bit high. I didn't see any 5.45x39mm in my travels.

  The guys behind the counters reported that things have slowed down.  I was riding around during rush hour and most of the stores only had a handful of customers present. A few weeks ago it would have been impossible to even see the gun counter.

  As I think back on today, I realize that I didn't see any 9mm or .22lr ammo in stock anywhere.
  No Magpul 30 rnd mags were available. A few GI magazines were present. Lots of Pro Mag stuff was on the shelves.
  Prices on everything other than revolvers are still way too high in my opinion.
  I've been in Walmart twice this week. As usual, they still only have ammo for hunting rifles and shotguns. If you have a 25-06, 7mm or 30-30 then Wallyworld is the place for you.

  Hopefully we're seeing the end of the panic buying. I wouldn't say that the stores were all well stocked in regards to firearms but things are definitely better. Of course the only reason that anyone had any ammunition is because the prices are too high for most of us that know better, and there's a limit on how many boxes can be purchased.

  So things are looking a little better at this time. If there's another mass killing and more Feinstein stupidity then we'll no doubt go back to empty shelves.

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