Sunday, March 31, 2013

Posting My E-mail

  I guessed that when I posted my e-mail on this site there would be a lot of contacts.

  I really had no idea. America is truly the land of opportunity.

  Apparently there are lots of West African bankers that are willing to send me money if I send them a finders fee first. What a deal!!! If you see this blog disappear then you'll know that I took them up on the offer and am now living on a beach in the Caribbean.

  I also learned that I'm irresistible to women. Who'd have thunk it? Hundreds of them are waiting to send me pics, and chat with me at a moments notice. Life is good. It's nice to have options.

  There's also a few medical experts that have offered to grow my penis 3-4 inches. That should really come in handy after I get all of that West African money, and contact my adoring women.

  I guess its' time to take them all up on their kind offers. What could possibly go wrong?

  Yep, the world is my oyster.

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