Monday, March 11, 2013


  Where to begin? Let's discuss what the Sequestration is and isn't. It isn't really a decrease in spending despite so many of us using the word "Cuts."

  The 2013 spending will be at least the same as that of 2012. There will still be an increase in our government spending both this year and the next (and on and on). The Sequester only cuts 2.4% from the spending increases. This 2.4% is roughly $85 billion. About $44 billion of that will be in this year.

  So let's put that $85 billion in perspective.

  We have a $3.6 trillion dollar budget.

  We are currently borrowing $85 billion dollars per month from ourselves. That's right. We're buying $85 billion dollars of our own debt on a monthly basis. For some odd reason those that used to buy most of our debt are pulling back on their purchases.
  They're now buying gold. I won't even go into what that says about their faith in our economy and economic plans.

  We cut $700 billion dollars from Medicare in order to help fund Obamacare. Somehow those that are worried about the cuts today missed the memo on the Medicare cutbacks in 2009.

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