Saturday, March 9, 2013

In The News

100,000 Christians Flee Egypt
US Gives FIghter Jets To Egypt
41% Of Dems Believe That Obama Should Be Able To Kill People On American Soil
FL Spring Breaker Pees On Officer's Lunch
How To Cure Common Shooting Mistakes
Hell Yeah... How It Should Be Done
Another Anti Gun Politician With A Criminal Record
S&W's Earnings Trippled Last Quarter
White House Lying About Halting Vaccines Due To Sequester?
Anger Management Classes Before Being Able To Buy Ammo
Islam 101
New Jobless Rate: Little Change Since 2012
Vz58 vs AK47
Tyranny Not Around: 2nd Amendment Not Necessary
Veterans Cannot Be Trusted With Hi Cap Mags
Police Can Be Trusted With Hi Cap Mags
Feinstein Thinks All Vets May Have PTSD\
Protesters Burn Christian Homes In Pakistan
Letter From A Red Neck Farm Kid In The Corps
Pro Gun Voters Put Heat On Dem Senators
The Truth About Assault Weapons
Are You Black?
Saudis Sentenced To Death By Crucifixion And Firing Squad

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