Friday, March 29, 2013

Gun Control Myth O' The Week

  Adam Lanza couldn't have committed the Sandy Hook massacre if he didn't have an Assault Weapon. That's what politicians and the media tells us. Actually that's also what I was told by an acquaintance last week. One has to wonder why some people still believe this. I suspect that their emotions are over riding their logic on this topic.

  I'm sure that the massacre was made a lot easier by his choice of a weapon that used normal (30 rnd) capacity magazines, but in reality just about any firearm would have worked. He could have used a Glock, and had a pocket full of normal 17 rnd magazines. Even 10 round mags would have been sufficient.
  To be honest, Lanza could have used a 5 shot revolver and a pocket full of speedloaders. It's not like he was facing a lot of opposition.

  The killer fired about 150 bullets during his killing spree. Even if he had used ten round magazines, the body count would have been the same. I doubt that the children would have rushed him during a reload.

  The AR looks scary to many uninformed people, but it's clear that this weapon wasn't needed for the massacre at Sandy Hook. A 100 year old M1911 with the normal 7 rnd magazines would have done the same job. A Glock or even a J frame .38spl would have worked. Adam Lanza could have used Joe Biden's shotguns and gotten the same results.

  For some reason the anti gunners believe that inconveniencing a shooter and making him reload a couple of extra times is going to stop mass killings.

  Adam Lanza wasn't successful in his murder fantasy because he had an AR15. He was successful because he was unopposed.

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