Monday, March 11, 2013

In The News

Combat Handguns vs Snubbies
Gun Grabbing Hypocrite
New Combat Scope For Marines
DHS Is Buying Even More Guns
Confessions Of A TSA Screener
Gun Banner Buys AR15 And M1911
Media Ignores The Story Behind The Jobs Report
Ohio Voter Rolls Are Bloated
Smart Guns Fantasy
Gun Control Hypocrite Buys AR & Mags After Testifying For More Gun Laws
Bills To Raise Firearms Taxes
North Korean Television Propaganda About USA
Obama Election Most Likely Won Through Voter Fraud
AWB Just The Beginning
Parks Dept Trying To Make Cuts Feel Worse
No Jews On NYC Jury?
White House Aides Owe Back Taxes
46 Million On Food Stamps
Unemployment Rate Drops... 130,000 More People Quit Looking
A Great Rant And Truth

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