Thursday, May 9, 2013

A Tale Of Two 17 Year Olds

  If this article is correct, a 17 year old athlete became angry, and assaulted a gentleman performing a community service. A soccer referee was punched after making a call, and later died from his injury.
  I kind of remember a similar situation happening a few years ago. I'm sure that the details will come to me later.

  If my befuddled mind is getting the information right, the other 17 year old was also an athlete and attacked someone for no justifiable reason. Of course this man was able to defend himself, and the circumstances ended a bit better than it did for the soccer referee.

  As I sit here trying to dredge up the details of the older assault case, I wonder about the media coverage for the referee's death. Will it be a bit more fair than what we saw a few years ago? As I sit here downing coffee, and preparing for the upcoming night shift this runs through my mind.

1) Is the mainstream media planning to routinely refer to the 17 year old attacker as a child?

2) Will they use a picture of the attacker that is several years old, or perhaps a baby picture this time?

3) Is there a make believe civil rights circus coming to town in support of the attacker?     

4) Has the President spoken about how the 17 year old would look like his son (if he had one)?

5) Did MSNBC and other media outlets creatively edit audio and video tapes to massage the story into something that it's not?

6) Have new races (or terms) been created by the media in order to portray the case as something that it's not?

7) Will politics influence the legal proceedings following the death?

8) Are riots expected in Utah if some don't get their way?

  Yes, all of this runs through my sleep deprived mind as I try to remember the details of the previous case involving a 17 year old attacker and his victim.  I'm sure that some of you might have better luck remembering the story.
  The important thing to remember is that violence doesn't count until one actually turns 18. Obviously a young man can do no harm until then, and is a child barely out of diapers or off of the tit. I suspect that if a few particulars of this case were different, the press would be blaming the ref for his own death.
  In my opinion, it's a shame that this man didn't have his CCW permit and a weapon at the time.

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