Monday, May 6, 2013

A Tale Of Two Presidents

  I can remember the days (and years) after 9/11. There was a lot of blame placed on the Bush Administration for not preventing the hijackings. That's somewhat fair. They were in charge, and as they say, "The buck stops here." The curious thing is that I don't remember Bush constantly blaming others for the lapse in national security, and the resulting deaths. He was many things, but he was never, "The dog ate my homework," President.
  What was unfair about the whole situation was the claim that Bush was warned about an upcoming terrorist attack, and sat idly by doing nothing. The warning that they received from the out going administration was that Al Qaeda planned some kind of attack on the US. That's it. I consider that kind of vague, and unhelpful considering that we had almost 300 million people in the USA, an open society, and an 1,900 mile border with Mexico.
  Someone, somewhere, wants to do something. That's the warning that they were given.
  So Bush got the blame for 9/11. Fair enough. He was at the helm, and there was some kind of warning from the out going Clinton Administration... sort of.

  What have we seen today? There was a terrorist attack on Boston, and Obama is in the White House. The same people that screamed that 9/11 was Bush's fault are unsurprisingly quiet.
  Let's remember that this Administration received warnings about the brothers from both the Russians and the Saudis. The two terrorists were already on a government watch list.
  Nothing was done. The MSM is quiet. The HopeyChangey Church Of Barry wants to talk about something else. The FSA just wants free stuff, and OWS is probably still giving each other diseases.
  I'm not seeing a lot of blame being placed by those that screamed loudest about Bush.

  I know, I know...

 "But... this is different (actual quote from an acquaintance)"

  It is different. What's different is that the current Administration is more worried about returning Veterans, gun owners, those that believe in the Constitution, and Conservatives instead of actually fighting terrorism. We have an uncountable number of gang members in the US, narco terrorists are on our Southern border, and a worldwide jihadi terrorist group is at war with us. So what does Obama and DHS worry about?

  Me, probably you, and probably the Vet down the street with a flag hanging off of his front porch.

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