Monday, May 20, 2013

"No One Is Coming For Your Guns!!!"


   "No one is coming for your guns." I suppose that we have all heard that repeated again and again during the last several months.
  While I unfortunately cannot be as eloquent as Colion Noir, I'd like to add a few points.
  This is a partial list of what the anti gun groups and their members have told us need to be banned (and why). Don't worry though, they're not coming for our guns.
1) Scoped hunting rifles because they are essentially "Sniper Rifles," and, "It's impossible to miss with them."
2) Hi powered rifles such as the Barrett .50 cal because, "You can shoot an airplane out of the air with them."
3) Inexpensive handguns (Saturday Night Specials) because, They are a favorite of criminals."
4) Expensive "Assault Weapons" because, "They are a favorite of criminals."
5) Expensive hi capacity handguns because, "They are a favorite of criminals."
6) Small, powerful handguns that are concealable.
7) Anything that can take a magazine over 10 rounds.
8) Magazines larger than 10 rounds (over 7 rounds for New Yorkers).
9) "Assault Weapons," or basically anything that looks militaristic. It's all about looks rather than lethality or function.
10) Ammunition that will penetrate a bullet proof vest. It's worth noting that most rifle ammo will pierce a bullet proof vest, as the majority of body armor is only rated for handgun ammo.
11) Hollowpoint ammunition.
12) Concealed carry.
13) The Castle Doctrine.
14) Stand Your Ground laws.
15) Minors hunting.
16) Private gun sales
17) Loaning a gun to a friend or family member.

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