Saturday, January 19, 2013

23 Executive Actions

  Here is the list of Obama's 23 Executive Actions on guns. At first glance, it doesn't seem overly harsh. I don't see any bans, registrations, forced buybacks, or an end to online ammo sales.
  I'm pleasantly surprised at the total lack of stupidity, and the concentration on mental health.
  It is however worth remembering that this came from Obama. I'll wait and see what these 23 items entail. I'm waiting for the fine print instead of the bullet points. This current Administration has a bad habit of saying something vague and meaningless. They then do something entirely different. Often it's illegal or as close to the edge as possible (Fast And Furious comes to mind. The war in Libya is another example).
  So I'll wait and see if there's bans and registrations buried deep in some of these orders.
  One thing that troubles me is all of the research that is supposed to be done under these "Executive Actions." The research can be done by non government agencies, and this is a way to use taxpayer dollars to fund anti gun groups for more junk science reports. Even when the CDC does the research it's often suspect, and the results are sometimes politically skewed.
  I do wonder a bit about all of the mental health actions on the list. Most support physicians being able to report those that are mentally handicapped and/or prone to violence. In the past there has however been a problem getting off of the government's list. There has been little or no means of redress.
  Some might say that's good, but I disagree. If you are depressed at the loss of a child then I don't think this should result in a lifetime ban. A serviceman or woman that suffers from PTSD today shouldn't be stripped of a right for the rest of their life.
  Good luck (in today's sue happy society) in finding a psychiatrist that will say that you are now sane enough to own a firearm. Do you think he wants to be legally liable (in civil court) for you and your guns over the next several decades?

Obama To Take 23 'Exective Actions' On Guns

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