Thursday, January 31, 2013

Concealed Carry Warning

  This was a short but worthwhile video from Yeager. Some of his stuff is really good and other vids leave you wondering WTF was he thinking. They're always entertaining though.
  I would guess that about a dozen people have asked me about concealed carry over the last month or so. Even people that I would never expect to have an interest in firearms are talking about buying guns. I hope they get some decent training and don't rely upon Uncle Bubba's advice or the guy next door that owns 20 guns but never shoots.
  Yeager made a very good point in his video. I've heard that warning about SOB carry in the past, but there are probably a large number of people getting into concealed carry that have not.
 The link below takes you to another important concern with CCW holsters. It's definitely worth reading and forwarding.
  Of course the same thing could have happened if the gun owner had been using a soft (or cheap) fabric holster. So long story short... use a holster that is stiff enough to stay out of the trigger guard and do not carry in the small of the back (SOB).



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