Saturday, January 12, 2013

Contact Your Politicians

I have to give the firearms manufacturer, Ruger, credit for making it so easy to contact your legislators. The link below includes a form letter, and you can contact all of your politicians at the state and federal level automatically by merely filling in a couple of boxes.
I urge everyone to take advantage of this tool, and let your voice be heard.

Contact Your Lawmakers And Politicians

Two things:

Some might think that a form letter does little or no good. A lot of people might believe that it doesn't matter to the politicians receiving it. That's not true.
You can write the longest, most well reasoned, and well researched letter possible.
Guess what?
It's not going to be read by your Representative, Senator, Attorney General, Governor, etc. Some staffer is going to read enough of the letter's content to find out the writer's opinion. He'll then check a box on a form. They're just counting people, and their views on a topic. It doesn't matter if you send in a form letter, e-mail, or pro gun thesis. All that the staff members are going to do is count your letter once as a pro 2nd Amendment contact.
It's a numbers game. How many people say yea or nay on a subject.

I've been on the blogs, gun rights associations, and forums a lot lately. There have been comments from staff members on Capital Hill. They have stated that the Republicans and pro gun Democrats are willing to cave in on the 2nd Amendment rights. He'll we can see that from the vague letters that we get back after contacting them.
They are however, politicians.  Politician always judge the public's mood before holding their ground or rolling over.
We need to give them a reason to hold the line.
Contact your lawmakers.

Here's Another Link For Just Federal Officials

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