Wednesday, January 23, 2013

In The News

A (Not So) Brief History Of The Gun
Obama Looking For More Party Loyal Military Leaders?
Camp Lejuene Water Contaminated Since 1953
How To Contact Congress
Buying A Quality Used Revolver
11 Facts About Marine Medal Of Honor Winner
Junk Science Report Links Right To Violence
Food Stamp Recipients Increased 11133 Per Day Under Obama
What NY Gun Banners Wanted
Damn Funny Irish Reporting
Obama Statement After The Benghazi Attack
40% Of Guns Are Sold Without A Background Check - Not
40 Years And 54.5 Million Abortions
Obama Pro Choice On 3rd Trimester Abortions
Utah Sheriffs Will Not Enforce Unconstitutional Gun Laws
This Texas Sheriff Won't Enforce Unconstitutional Gun Laws
Missouri Sheriffs Pledge Not To Enforce Obama's Gun Laws
Veteran Stands Up To Anti Gunners In Chicago
Two Thirds Of US Weapons Owners Would Defy A Federal Gun Ban
Keystone Pipeline Decision Delayed
Chemical Weapons Used In Syria
New Folding AR Stock
NY Dem Asks To Keep Gun Control Agenda Private

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