Monday, January 14, 2013

Walmart Stopping Ammo Sales?

There was a story floating around about Walmart stopping ammo sales until after the current anti gun stupidity is settled. Actually the article/rumor was more about them cancelling their orders for more ammo.
Here is one of the articles:    Walmart Suspends Ammo Sales

Here is the latest story:      Walmart WILL Continue To Buy And Sell Ammo

Of course it's worth remembering that Walmart is a business and will most likely continue to do what makes them the most money, and help them in the future.

There was an interesting column released a few days ago about Walmart's meeting with Biden. It was suggested in an opinion piece that they might try to cut a deal on gun/ammo sales if the government helped them to keep unions out of their stores. This was all conjecture, and it would be a stupid move on the part of the retail chain. The current Administration is not known for keeping their word, and a deal made today is only good as long as it's convenient.
I'm glad to see that nothing changed regarding sales after last weeks meeting.

There are things that Walmart might do during this current period of panic buying. They may limit ammo sales after 10pm as some stores did in 2008/2009. Sales may be limited to 6 boxes of ammo again. I'm sure that other steps may be taken from store to store.
I recently read that one clerk tried telling customers that they would only sell two boxes of ammo at a time per Federal Law. Obviously this is false and she was corrected. No doubt other similar mistakes will be made and corrected.

Edit: Here is another source stating that a Walmart spokesman refuted the claim about stopping ammo sales.

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