Friday, January 11, 2013

In The News

One Million AR Magazines On Backorder (Just From Magpul)
Assault Weapon Saves Teenagers From Home Invasion
Fact Checking Piers Morgan
NRA - 100,000 New Members Since The Sandy Hook Shooting
NY Politician Wants Psyche Tests For Gun Owners
Facts About Guns, Schools & Violence That The Media Isn't Reporting
The Need For Semi Automatic "Assault" Weapons
Eric Holder - Gun Owners Should Cower In Shame
Short On Carriers - Longer Deployments For Sailors
The Russians Tell Us, "Don't Give Up Your Guns."
Pro Gun And Anti Gun Celebrities
Libtards Planning Anti Gun March On Jan 26
Massive 40,000 Round AR Ammo Test
Obama Supporters Lining Up Early For Inaguration
Where The Gun Murders Are
Wear A Hijab Or Get Raped
Obama Gives Himself Lifetime Secret Service Protection
75 Economic Numbers That Are Almost Too Crazy To Believe
Nationwide Ammo Shortage
128 Million Americans Get A Monthly Gov Check
10 Things You Need To know About Folding Knives
Obama Opposed Home Defense As A State Senator

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