Friday, January 25, 2013

In The News

Marine POA Responds To Gun Confiscation Question
Firearms Confiscation Katrina
Anti Gunners Make Money Off Of The Gun Manufacturers
Sec. Clinton's Staged Testimony On Benghazi
Women In Combat: Be Careful What You Wish For
Ryan Smith: The Reality That Awaits Women In Combat
Student Uses AR15 For Self Defense
15 Year Old Uses AR15 To Defend Against Home Invaders
Guns And The President
Bill O'Reilly Wrong About Guns... As Usual
Women In Combat? They Already Are
Anti Gun Movements Bridge Too Far
Are You Smarter Than A Marine? Take The Quiz
A View From The Infantry
The Big List Of Sheriffs Saying No To Obama Gun Control
American Communists On Board With Obama Gun Ban
American Women Have Served And Died From The First
Most Gun Owners Would Defy Ban
How To Ban Guns: A Step By Step, Long Term Process
Can Obama Kill Americans On US Soil?
Commies Support Gun Bans
Gov Employees Exempt From Feinstein Gun Ban
Temps Drop - Hurricane Sandy Victims STILL Without Power
A Female Marines View On Women In Combat
Gun Control Facts That Are Actually Myths

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