Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Fake Tweet About Obama's Bomb Injuries

  Hackers sent out a fake tweet from an Associated Press account today. This erroneous message stated that there were two bomb attacks on the White House, and President Obama was injured.

  The DOW quickly went down 150 points before the error was corrected, and the account was closed.

  My question is why? Why the drop?

  Bear in mind that I wish Obama no physical harm. I say this because:
1) It's true.
2) I don't want his hysterically loyal followers to annoy me with more Hopeychangey gibberish. There's enough of that in my life already.
3) I'd prefer not to end up on a terrorist watch list. It has been a long time dream of mine to make it through life without having some high school dropout at the TSA probe my ass.

  So back to my original question... why did DOW tank?

  Obama is bad for business, and wants to tax anything that isn't currently aborting babies or committing voter fraud. He really doesn't have a plan to fix our economy. Our country is running on borrowed money (.40 cents for every dollar spent), and sooner or later we become a bad credit risk. The President is adding about $1 trillion to our national debt every year. He's divisive, dishonest, and incompetent.
  I don't understand why investors and business people would fear his getting injured in a terrorist attack. We have a backup.
  What is the absolute worst case scenario? President Obama would die in the attack, and the Vice President would take over.


  OK, now I see why the DOW immediately dropped 150 points.

  My bad.

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