Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Great Piece On The DHS Ammo Contracts

  I'm not going to do a long post on the Department Of Homeland Security's ammo contracts. It's been done over and over on every gun blog on the internet.
  Some believe that the DHS is trying to buy up all of the ammo in order to keep it out of civilian hands. Others speculate that they're getting ready for martial law following an economic collapse. If you get 10 gun people together in a room they'll give you 20 different theories (unless they're Obama supporters, in which case they'll cite 20 examples of his divinity, and miracles performed).

  Some feel the need to try to debunk the ammo contract conspiracy theories, and I'll admit that those such as Andrew Tuohy are very convincing.

  I generally fall somewhere in the middle. Homeland Security is definitely buying more ammo than in the past, but I really don't know why.

  As I said, I'm not going to rehash this topic in another long and rambling post.
  I have little trust in the current Administration, or the DHS. They've lied to the American people too many times, and made far too many statements about returning veterans, gun owners, and Constitutionalists being a threat to our nation. Trust is earned through competence, reliability, and honesty. Sorry... DHS earned a "F" in all three.

  Perhaps the Department Of Homeland Security should concentrate on radicalized Muslims, and the narco terrorists on our southern border. That's just a thought.

  Anyway... this is a very good write up on the topic, and well worth a read.

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