Saturday, April 27, 2013

Gun Control Myth O' The Week

    "Only the police and military should have firearms, because they're trained to use them."

  How many times have you heard this? The belief among some anti gunners, politicians, and the media is that bestowing a badge upon someone will automatically make them safe, a gun expert, and a tactical guru. As the articles below show, that's far from true.

  Like the majority of Americans, I believe that most law enforcement officers and those in the military are competent and professional. Some however, will always make mistakes. The same is true in the civilian world. Of course when a civilian gun owner shoots himself then it's used as an example of why citizens should be disarmed.

  I suspect that most LEOs spend more time training on paperwork and traffic stops than with firearms. This is especially true after they've left the academy.
  My teenage daughter shoots more than any of the police officers that I've known. There's tens of millions of us that are ex military. Apparently the anti gun community believes that our knowledge of weapons dissolved upon discharge from the service.

  Rifles and handguns are relatively simple machines that anyone can operate. A badge and blue uniform aren't needed for firearms competence. Think about these news articles when someone tells you that due to their training, only the police should have guns.

SWAT Officers Shoots Self During Training
SWAT Officer Is Ridiculed For Having Sight On Backwards
LAPD Confuses Two Hispanic Women And Blue Truck For One Large Black Killer?
Officer's Gun Discharges In Strip Club Mensroom
9 Bystanders Hit By Police Gunfire
4 Year Old Kills Woman With Deputies Gun
Officer Shoots Self At Police Training Facility
DEA Agent Shoots Himself In The Foot
Ohio Police Chief Shoots Himself In The Leg
ICE Officers Leaves Gun In Airport Restroom
Fargo Police Officer Leaves Her Gun In A Restroom
Police Officer Leaves Gun In Courthouse Restroom
Deputy Leaves Gun In Hospital Restroom
Sheriffs Deputy Shoots Self In Leg
ATF Loses Machinegun
'Only Ones'

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