Sunday, April 7, 2013

In The News

Turning Gun Owners Into Felons
Sequester Cuts Smaller Than Feared
Gun Control Advocate Shows Shocking Ignorance About Guns
Same Anti Gunner Different Source
Doubling Down On Stupid
Your 2nd Amendment Cop Buddy Will Take Your Guns
The Truth About Triggers - Glock
Handgun Stance Basics
Feds Not Prosecuting Gang Violence
Another Bloomberg Anti Gun Mayor Arrested
Racism Hoax
Another Racial Assault Hoax
Obama Administration Pushing For More Loans To Those With Bad Credit
Obama EEOC Wants More Felons Hired
Obama Demands Race Based Discipline Policies
Race And The Gun Debate
One Day A Wilding Mob Will Run Across An Armed Tourist
Recruiting Non Swimming Life Guards
BS Gun Control Stat Quoted Over And Over
Elderly Man Beaten By Teens
Female Marines Fail Infantry Officer Course
Brits Drop Hi Power And Adopt Glocks
$10,000 Fine For Gun Owners That Don't Have Insurance
Clearing Jams And Malfunctions
China Helps To Cut Out The Dollar As Reserve Currency
On Terrorist Watch List But Allowed To Buy Guns
New $25 Gun Tax
Lying Politician Doesn't Know What A Semi Auto Is
Teen Mob Violence In Chicago
Missile To Nowhere Program Won't Die
20 Ways In Which America Has Reaped What It Has Sown
New Water Based Training Keeps Marines Fit
Gun Noob: Sights
Condensed Shipbuilding Video
Cede US Rights To The UN?
New SOCOM Truck To Replace Hummer
Iraq/Afghan War Costs
Women Break Ground In Combat Roles
Army Ground Combat Vehicle - Bad Choice
Bradley Replacement Weighs More Than A Tank
Obama's Sons Of Anarchy
DHS Ammo Purchase - Not A Problem
M9 Beretta

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