Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Gun Control Myth O' The Week

  The NRA wants terrorists to be able to buy firearms. I've heard that lie repeated over and over by the media, anti gun groups, and politicians. Most people already know that the USA has a terrorist watch list, and many believe that those on this list should be unable to purchase a firearm.

  At first glance, restricting those on a watch list from buying weapons seems like a great idea that we can all get behind. The problem is that there are roughly one million people on this list. A few high profile people such as Ted Kennedy and Nelson Mandela were included on the government's terrorist watch list. Small children and returning veterans also found themselves on the watch list when attempting to fly. The media portrayed this as just an amusing and harmless story.

  How does a US citizen get on a government watch list? What is the criteria that makes you a suspect? No one really knows. It's a secret and good luck trying to get off of it (and BTW, how the hell did the Ft Hood shooter not make the list?).

  We basically have a large group of anti gunners that believe that our 2nd Amendment rights should be forfeit because a citizen finds himself/herself on a secret government roster. It doesn't matter that no crime has been committed, no arrests have been made, and no trial has been held. You're on a list and a right is lost.
  I don't believe that this sounds like America.

  This is not something that we want to adopt. I worry that this could easily turn into a political purge, and entire groups of people could find themselves losing rights due to political beliefs. It would be easy to see the entire NRA ending up on this list. The same can be said for the Tea Party, or basically anyone that isn't a friend to the current Administration. Some might remember a statement from the Department Of Homeland Security in which the claim was made that returning veterans, 2nd Amendment supporters, and those that believe in the Constitution are the biggest threat in the US.
  Narco terrorists on our Southern border, Islamic terrorists, or even the more than 100,000 gang members in America apparently aren't a concern.
  Returning veterans and gun owners are what keep DHS members up at night. Is it any wonder why there's so little trust in the current Administration?
  I'm always amused and a little disgusted by the hypocrisy on the Left. When you try to stop rampant voter fraud by requiring an ID at the polls, then it's a gross infringement upon people's rights to vote. Supposedly those that are too poor to afford identification get their government assistance without having to show ID? Welfare uses the honor system?
  On the other hand, the same people on the Left are just fine with an American losing his/her 2nd Amendment right because some bureaucrat added a name to a list.

  Here's a novel idea. Penalize the criminals and terrorists. Leave the rest of us alone. Most would agree that is not too much to ask for.

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