Sunday, April 14, 2013

Gun Control Myth O' The Week

  No one needs an assault weapon, or magazines that hold more than 10 rounds because they weren't available when the Constitution was written. Only those weapons available at the time of the Founding Fathers are covered by the 2nd Amendment. Gun owners can have all of the muskets that they want.

  I hear this repeated over and over when debating new gun control laws. This is one of the silliest arguments that I hear from both the Left, and anti gunners.

  Using this logic, there is no Freedom of Religion unless your faith was practiced on these shores when the Bill Of Rights was written.
  We could also say that Freedom Of The Press only covers those in the print media that still use primitive printing presses. Television news networks and online media sources clearly aren't covered.
  Of course since the internet wasn't around in 1791 then it is unreasonable to believe that the government needs a warrant to check your e-mail.

  I can go on and on with this. It's stupid to believe that our rights in 2013 are entirely dependent upon the technology that existed in the 18th century. It's also ridiculous to think that our Founding Fathers were so narrow minded that they never expected any advances in science and technology.
  Claiming that the 2nd Amendment only covers primitive muskets and rifles is an easily refuted claim that anti gunners should be embarrassed to make.

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