Friday, February 22, 2013

3 Dozen Gun Companies Won't Do Business With New York

  Almost three dozen gun companies have stated that they will no longer do business with the state of New York.  I doubt that this will hurt NY, but I like the gesture and hope others will follow their example.
  One thing that's worth remembering is that privately owned companies can take a stand. I'm not pretending that it doesn't hurt their bottom line, but the decision is often made by one person.
  Publicly owned businesses cannot always do this. The shareholders have high expectations. Turning away orders from one of the largest states in the nation will lead to new company leadership. I don't expect to see Colt, S&W, or Glock to follow the manufacturers listed in the article below.
  Don't be surprised if we see more private companies do the right thing while the large publicly traded gun manufacturers continue to fill every contract.
  It's up to you and I to look at our friends among the firearm manufacturers when making our next big (or not so big) purchase. They are doing what they can for the cause and deserve our support.

Almost 3 Dozen Gun Companies Refuse To Do Business With New York

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