Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Some Amusing Old Political Stuff Revisited

  I've had this stuff on my blog for several months. I decided that it was worth combining this into a rogue's gallery of idiots.

  This is my personal favorite. How does anyone this stupid get elected to Congress? I love how he goes on and on about Guam, and tries so hard to sound intelligent. He reminds me of a couple of guys that always pull me into political discussions.

  This is an old video, but it's still a personal favorite. It should serve as a warning to those that believe our "Leaders" actually know what they're doing. I love the way she attempts to evade the question. CNN and MSNBC would have let her get away with or perhaps stuck to those hard hitting questions like, "What's your favorite color?"

  Okay, this one wants to ban heat seeking bullets. I really have to wonder what the IQ of the average voter in her district is.
  Can you imagine if she had a child with Hank Johnson? Never mind... in this current environment it would be likely to grow up to become President.

   There is no stupidity in these two videos. They just show the sheer hypocrisy in one of our most powerful Senators. This anti gun leader obviously knows what's best for the little people.

                                                              Rusty Shackleford
                                                                  Joe Schoffstall
  I may add some words of wisdom from Joe Biden at a latter date.

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